Assess opportunities to improve your team's effectiveness

Explore how your team is doing on 6 key factors that highly influence the effectiveness of teams:

  • Is this a real team and not just a group of people meeting together?
  • Does the team have a shared, compelling purpose?
  • Are the right people on the team?
  • Does the team have the resources it needs?
  • Are the right structures in place to help the team work effectively together?
  • Is coaching (including informal coaching) available to the team?

The Team Diagnostic Survey, based on the research of Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman, helps to explore whether your team has a strong foundation that has been shown to be highly correlated with effective teams. This assessment can be used to determine key areas to focus on to improve your team's chance of success and is easily incorporated into coaching engagements.

I am a certified provider of the Team Diagnostic Survey and would be happy to discuss how this might help your team. You can also read more about the assessment here:


If you are a start-up team, I would be happy to explore the Team Diagnostic Survey for Startups, which is now in a pilot phase. More information about this new assessment is available here: